Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

We are still alive. Busy, is all I can say about the last month. And sadly it looks like the summer will be busy as well.
Asher has three teeth right now his top right canine-yes, Joe calls him "Fang" and his bottom front teeth are in. He is now working on his front two teeth one just broke through the other day. At his last appointment he was a very healthy 22 pounds 10 ounces! Yup I have a happy healthy one. He has also started army crawling around the floor. He can't quite get up on his hands and knees so he uses his toes and arms to get to all the things he shouldn't.
Benny is recovering from a rough week last week. He fell down the stairs, fell off the bed head first and ran his face into one of the pews at church :( And he was puckey sick last week too. But he played with his cousins today and went to Chipotle with his daddy and got mommy a free burrito. Hooray!!
Joe is working hard at Kalos and doing a great job. We are getting ready for our church VBS next week. We will be having meetings at night at the chapel and also in the mornings in our backyard. So we would appreciate prayers throughout the week. But in everything God is good-ALL the time.
Well, that's the update for now hopefully I will be more faithful in posting after the summer :)