Monday, February 23, 2009

UltraSound Day

Today we had an ultrasound to determine how far along I am.
According to my knowledge, my last period was Dec 10 which put my due date on Sept 10- and me being 9 weeks and 6 days. But at my first OB appointment Norla, my midwife said my uterus felt more like I was 12-13 weeks as opposed to 9. So after much speculation as to why I might look and measure bigger; twins, having my third child, I'm fat and extra amniotic fluid. Well we got our answer today.
I am sorry to disappoint some of you but we are having one very active baby.
I am 12 weeks and 4 days which puts my due date on Sept 4th-Labor Day. The baby looks great, (I am going to default to saying 'he'-come on I have 2 already) he flipped all over and never stopped moving. He gave the tech a hard time getting some measurement. We were very excited to see him tiny and perfect. Joe was happy to see just one :)
Thanks you all for your thoughts and prayers I guess we'll all just have to wait 6 more months to see what we are having. I am glad to know about when he will be coming. We are very excited for number three and are very thankful to the Lord for another little blessing.

Monday, February 16, 2009

How do you know??

How do you know he loves you?
Have you seen the movie Enchanted? I love the song "How do you know he loves her?" It is such a fun movie I highly recommend it to anyone.
So I decided to let you know how I know Joe loves me.

How do I know that he loves me?

he buys take out when I'm too tired to cook
he does not care about a "clean" house all the time
he comes home from work whenever he is needed
he gives me naps
he tells me to go shopping and have "me" time
he gets up every day and goes to work
he refused a CAT scan because of the cost & because we just found out we are expecting #3
he is understanding of my moods and weeping
he thinks I am beautiful in the morning
he thinks I am beautiful all the time
he cried with me in labor
he cried when our children were born
he holds me and lets me cry
he understands me
Just a kiss
Just a touch
A hug
Just a look
his excitment over the news of out third child on the way

Here are only a fraction of the things Joe does to show me that he loves me. I hope this post might encourage you to think of some different ways "he shows you that he loves you."