Thursday, May 13, 2010

Time for another Hawkinson Husband Hijack :)

So a lot has happened lately...
We put our house on the market, decided to take it off the market,
bought a car for no particular reason, (except for the totally great deal part, and the big H on the front. I really love my wife!)
Got a new camera, (A Nikon D3000 see the pics below)
Had a really fun couple move in with us :), then they moved out :(
Our boys are growing so fast! Benny starts school here at home this fall after we come back from the 4 camps that we'll be at this summer.
Whew, well take a look at the pics; and let Jessie know how much you love "her" blog!

Oh yeah, Jessie got really cute highlights

Giddy is still super sweet

The "other two" are still alive... (for now)

And they all love each other a lot