Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fun and Family at KBC

They are all being doggies in matching shirts

Darling Rachel

Sweet Daniel

Asher wrestling with Uncle Andrew

Mr. Paul

Aunt Michelle and Aunt Magen

Just some pictures from our week at KBC in June. I am pretty behind in posting but so goes life :)
We had a great week and a lot of fun with our family.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Poopie Day

Can't see it?

A closer look
Yup that's poop

So, I was upstairs doing Pilates and Ben comes upstairs to play. Asher stays downstairs and then calls for me. I answer, " I am upstairs honey." I continue with my Pilates, and Ben is calling for Asher to come up and asking me to call for him. After I finish my 10 min I decide to walk down and check on him. And I found him lounging on the recliner covered in his own poop, and very happy I might add.
Did I mention that two weeks ago Joe took the boys and LuLu on a dough nut drive and then stopped by the DeGroff's to let the kids play. And Rebekah come down and informs Joe that Asher just ate some of his poop. Apparently he just reached in and grabbed a handful and helped himself. AAAAAA!!! So Yucky!

And all you moms would have been so proud of my reaction. I did not scream, yell or vomit. I just took him off the chair took some pictures :) wiped him down with wipes and bathed him.

Hope you all have a great Poopie Day.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Catch Up Time

Giving brother some pointers

Rebekah, Daniel & Asher

Cuddle time

The cutest outfit ever!

Happy 4th of July

I was sitting down reading blogs the other day and realized that I am way behind on updating. So, here is the short of it. We were at Turkey Hill the first week of July, Joe directed and we all had an amazing time. The boys golfed 2-3x's a day. It was there favorite thing to do with daddy. We also got in some horse back riding, fishing and only one trip to the pool-Praises! Because I burned the first day and didn't want to go back :)
We happily returned and had a July 4th party out at the Young's and fellowshipped a bit. And then went to church on Sunday and dressed Benny in the cutest outfit ever-seriously check out the picture you can't argue with that. Now with family in town we are preparing for Camp Enosh next week and hopefully I will be diligent in posting :) he he he.. (nervous laughter)