Thursday, June 25, 2009

KBC family fun

The preggo sis-in-laws

puppet show

spay park
Ash done with the spray park

Paul & Ben wrestling

Uncle Andrew the horse


We had a great time at KBC hanging with cousin's. The kids had a lot of fun and were
worn out every day (my master plan). Here are a few pictures of our activities
through out the week. I missed taking pictures in the pool which we did every day.
Asher learned to jump off the diving board on the count of 1, and Ben used a
floatie to be in the big pool :)
Cousin's colored, wrestled, played and built together-it was a real fun week.
Joe did a great job speaking and had fun as well. Three young women
accepted the Lord which was so encouraging-Praise the Lord!
It was great to be able to serve the Lord and spend time with family.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to Joe

the birthday boy
my new hair cut

Alex, Daniella & Thomas
Heather, Todd & Francis

Happy Birthday to my wondeful husband who turned 26 today. We had a few
people over or dinner and birthday pie. Joe didn't want any one who came
to know it was his birthday-he called it a reverse surprise party :)
We had his favorite, biscuits n gravy, grits, over easy eggs and sweet tea.
(we sound like a southern family)
For dessert we had peanut butter Reeses ice cream pie and
chocolate mirange pie. Then we all played Trivial Pursuit :)
He loved all of it, including his hand colored puzzle from Benny and his
Andy McKee CD.
Love you Babe! I am so glad I can celebrate your birthday with you!
You are a wonderful gift to me.