Friday, July 20, 2007

Lord Joseph

Last night the reign of Lord Joseph ended. Originally Lord Joseph was supposed to be disembowled :) but everyone (adults) thought he was so funny they didn't want to see him die so, one of his guardsmen was disembowled in the dining hall. One of the directors "McKevin" threw out spagettti on the kids--it was fun all the kids cheered and lord Joseph screamed like a little girl and then signed over his lands to the Scotts. It has been a lot of fun but Joe is happy that Lord Joseph is all done because he didn't like having all the kids hate him.

We are planning to leave tomorrow and drive to Tennessee and stay with the Baron's . Then leave after the breaking of bread meeting at the assembly in Tennessee and make it home late Sunday night. Please pray for Joe since he will be doing the majority of the driving and then have to go to work Monday morning. God is soooo good-we are so happy to be serving Him at camps.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Camp Hope

Greetings from Camp Hope in Dalonega Georgia!!
We are all enjoying our time here at camp. Joe is leading music for this Teen 2 week and I am enjoying having him around a lot more. Chris Schroder is the speaker this week and from what I have been able to hear I have enjoyed. The theme this week is a Scottish theme "The Battle of Loch Pony" JOe is playing the part of a pompus British lord, Lord Joseph and he is supposed to get killed later this week :) In the pictures youcan see thy brought in some sheep to make it more authentic-Benny is loving petting the sheep every day.
I am having more of a relaxing time and Joe and I have enjoyed some fishing. Hopefully i can get some good pictures of Lord Joseph dying later and post it.