Saturday, December 6, 2008

All dressed up

Rex & Shawna
(man, she looks good!!)

Last night we went to Joe's work Christmas Party. The new
location this year was at the Top of the Tower. The view
was beautiful, the food was yummy and the company
was excellent. We had a lot of fun, ate, played games and chatted.
I enjoyed getting all dresses up (thanks Rachel!) doing my hair ( I poufed it)
and taking pictures with my hunky husband. We sat with Paul and his
sister Grace, Todd and Rex and Shawna. It's nice to get dressed up and enjoy
a fun evening every once and a while.

Four fun boys

Right before Thanksgiving we stole the Everhart boys for the a couple
of hours to play. The boys all did great and had a lot of fun.
It was fun to see them play and listen to their different games.
Ben and Ethan played pirate ship with swords on the slide and equipment.
And Simon and Asher wandered around together climbing
and jumping on rocks. But all boys came together
to chase squirrels up trees. Later in the day I told Joe that if we
had 4 boys I could do it :) he laughed
and said "I like our 2."
I agree with him. But having Ethan and Simon was a lot
of fun too :)