Friday, April 24, 2009

Gotta say Goodbye

farm house,
6 bedrooms 2 dining rooms,
living room, kitchen, playroom
summer porch and 2 full baths

I used to mow that
The barn where the
trampoline resided

This weekend my family and I have the hard job of saying goodbye to our family farm. My great grandfather owned and lived here, my grandfather lived and worked here and my father and our family lived and worked here.
I have been trying to rationalize and keep things calm in my head about the facts but this afternoon as we are getting ready to drive to Iowa to pack years of history and memories, emotions are starting to take over. I always thought Benny and Asher would get to come and play at Poppy's farm and experience what I loved about it. Build hay forts, jump in the creek and climb trees but only the Lord really knows what is in store. And I know that this earthly place is not my home, but it was an amazing place to grow up.
I am very thankful to many of you for your thoughts and prayers for us. I think maybe writing some of it down might help me and asking for more prayer to help sustain my family. I know that all of my family is feeling this loss but no one more than my dad. If you would lift him up in prayer I would appreciate it. Talking to my sister today and she said he is worn down, tired and feeling defeated. Please pray for his encouragement and wisdom. And I would ask prayer that I will not wear myself out physically and emotionally.
I am encouraged in the Lord knowing this His ways are no mine and that His thoughts for His children are so many they could never be counted or comprehended.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sono says...

We are happy to say

we are having



Everything looks great he is very active and had a hard time holding still to get his picture taken, but there is no doubt he is all boy :)
Benny was a little sad he really wanted a sister, but daddy told him all the things he could teach little brother and at the end he said "yeah, I want a brother."

So I am going to be a mother of 3 boys you can start praying for me know.
I am looking forward to painting the nursery and getting ready for our little blue gift in Sept.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Working on a Room Makeover

Here is the before
no paint and off center window

I am still working on it. First of all I am wanting to put one more color behind the brown curtains, I am thinking a light blue and hopefully add a decal on that. What do you think?
I also need a curtain for the other window. What color would be best? Brown? Light blue? Off-white? And debating on that color I need some throw pillows for the bed and I would love a ceiling fan.
So far I am very happy with it and I am looking forward to getting it finished and having a cozy retreat of a room. So give me some options ladies-or just come over and see for yourselves and then help a girl out :)
And Happy Easter!