Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday Madness

This morning I participated, for the third year in a crazy tradition of
shopping in the early a.m. at multiple stores-Black Friday Madness!
But never have I experienced the madness of Wal Mart first hand.
I woke up at 4 a.m. got ready and left for Wal Mart to try to
get a 4.5 qt 250 watt Kitchen Aid Mixer for $130.
I walked in received a map and proceeded to find the Mixers in
pallets in the center aisles all around the store and wrapped in black plastic.
And there I saw there were four women camped around the Kitchen Aids.
They had been there since 3:30 a.m. and their carts were blocking the Mixers.
Did I mention it was a door buster?
And there were only 10 Kitchen Aids and 15-20 women standing around them :)
As soon as it was 5 I heard a wooshing sound as the plastic was ripped off all the surrounding pallets and then I
was shoved from behind and squished up against another women ahead of me. All the while
I was being pushed hands were reaching around me and grabbing.
People were yelling and shoving it was INSANE.
I got my hands on a mixer, grabbed it by the handles and started to try
and get away. Suddenly another woman grabbed the mixer by the bottom
and started pulling it from me. Praise the Lord I had the handles
because I twisted the box gave it a hard yank and left the lady behind as I
headed up to the checkout. I was DONE with Wal Mart.
But once I got to the next store I realized in the struggle I had lost
my cell phone. So I went back to Wal Mart looked around the scene
of the struggle and didn't find it. So I went to Customer Service left my info
and headed back to Target. All the while I was thinking,
"So I got a mixer and lost a cell phone, is that the price I have to pay for a mixer?"
I was pretty sad but Joe was so sweet he was just happy I had not
gotten hurt by any crazy shopper women.
Later Joe stopped by Wal Mart and they had found it!
So, I am pretty sure I am never doing a Door Buster at Wal Mart again! But I am happy
to have gotten a Kitchen Aid and not a punch in the eye.

Friday, November 7, 2008

What have we been doing? well...


practicing acrobatics

mountain climbing

gaining weight

hoping to get our license soon

and growing...weird noses

Just thought you all might like an update on the day to day affairs at the Hawkinson home.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Big 2

Asher Dale Hawkinson Nov 1, 2006 8 lb 13 oz

The Big 2

Gabriel and Brooklyn
showing off their crafty pumpkins

present time

dirt and worm cupcakes

I was sad to realize I never posted Asher's 2nd Birthday party. We actually did it a week early because of craziness on his actual birthday. But we had a great time with Johnson cousins, the Blooms and Everharts. The kids decorated mini pumpkins and then had cake and hot chocolate. And lots of playing commensed afterwards.
We are so thankful to have been blessed with Asher for 2 years. His sweet face and silly words make me smile. And watching him grow and want to be like his big broher (how he says it) and his daddy is such a joy.
Happy Birthday Asher. You are a sweet, crazy one of a kind wanna be hunter/superhero and I love you sooo much!