Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Are you cheap too?

I am sitting in my bed cuddled under blankets with the laptop keeping my legs warm and I am COLD! But will I turn the heater on???

A no. I am too cheap!

Joe said. "Just turn it on." I answered, "go find the space heaters."

The boys are bundled and have a space heater in their room as well
(just in case you think I neglect to keep my children warm).

My answer all day= more layers, "keep your socks on" :)

So anyone else cold and not turning on their heaters?


Rachel said...

I am so sorry you are cold! Stink! That is not a good sign for the winter to come. :(

I am personally sweating right now. Isn't that terrible of me to tell you???? :) Not sure if it's the pregnancy, or just my laptop...but we haven't turned the heat on yet. Did you open your windows today?

Guess you'll just have to cuddle tonight! :)

Shawna said...

Break out the space heaters, and add some red pepper to your diet. :)Supposedly that helps you stay warm! I do like spicy food, am rarely cold (usually roasting!) and I am NOT pregnant. LOL In fact, I ran the a/c today in the truck, and have my house windows open. :) Cuddle up!

HopiQ said...

This is TOO funny because I have been keeping the air conditioning off even though we are really hot in the middle of the day. Some days it's really hard because I start feeling hot and crabby. When I realize the source of my irritation, I remind myself that it's going to pay off when our bill comes for this month. :)

When my kids feel "cold" (very relative term I've found out) I tell them to get moving to get their blood flowing!

Ben & Kristi Graves said...

hahah, i'm not there yet, but last year i FROZE before finally getting kerosene for our heaters... hehe. so i'm definitely with you. :)

Reagan said...

Jere is bringing down the space heater tonight. I was freezing last night. I don't sleep very well when Im cold and unfortunetely, it means I have to wear a shirt to bed... ;) I should probably break out my fuzzy blanket that will be only on my side under the sheets, to keep me toasty.

I don't understand you crazy people who are hot all the time!

Jennifer said...

I hear you sister! Right now the temp outside is 42 and I am not going to start building fires in the wood stove until I have to.:)Hee Hee
Love ya, Jenn-from the frozen tundra

MagenRanae said...

No me! I totally turned the heater on!