Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday Madness

This morning I participated, for the third year in a crazy tradition of
shopping in the early a.m. at multiple stores-Black Friday Madness!
But never have I experienced the madness of Wal Mart first hand.
I woke up at 4 a.m. got ready and left for Wal Mart to try to
get a 4.5 qt 250 watt Kitchen Aid Mixer for $130.
I walked in received a map and proceeded to find the Mixers in
pallets in the center aisles all around the store and wrapped in black plastic.
And there I saw there were four women camped around the Kitchen Aids.
They had been there since 3:30 a.m. and their carts were blocking the Mixers.
Did I mention it was a door buster?
And there were only 10 Kitchen Aids and 15-20 women standing around them :)
As soon as it was 5 I heard a wooshing sound as the plastic was ripped off all the surrounding pallets and then I
was shoved from behind and squished up against another women ahead of me. All the while
I was being pushed hands were reaching around me and grabbing.
People were yelling and shoving it was INSANE.
I got my hands on a mixer, grabbed it by the handles and started to try
and get away. Suddenly another woman grabbed the mixer by the bottom
and started pulling it from me. Praise the Lord I had the handles
because I twisted the box gave it a hard yank and left the lady behind as I
headed up to the checkout. I was DONE with Wal Mart.
But once I got to the next store I realized in the struggle I had lost
my cell phone. So I went back to Wal Mart looked around the scene
of the struggle and didn't find it. So I went to Customer Service left my info
and headed back to Target. All the while I was thinking,
"So I got a mixer and lost a cell phone, is that the price I have to pay for a mixer?"
I was pretty sad but Joe was so sweet he was just happy I had not
gotten hurt by any crazy shopper women.
Later Joe stopped by Wal Mart and they had found it!
So, I am pretty sure I am never doing a Door Buster at Wal Mart again! But I am happy
to have gotten a Kitchen Aid and not a punch in the eye.


Shawna said...

You are a fiery woman! I told you I had complete faith in you!

Did you get the washer and dryer?


Lynn said...

Oh - hilarious! You should've had some of us go with you and we could've fought together :) I missed not going with a girl group - we've done that for the past 5 yrs. I think

MagenRanae said...

Way to go on the mixer, Jessie. I'm so not surprised about your experience - I'm not a big fan of this tradition. But, maybe I should save that for my blog!

How'd you do at CVS? And, did you make it home in time for Joe to go to work?

Ben & Kristi Graves said...

oh my word! way to go. you are brave. :) we get to see you in 3 weeks!!!!!!

Jessie said...

True Lynn, it is more fun to shop with others and there is safety in numbers :)

Rachel said...

Way to go! You went by yourself? :(

CVS was awesome, by the way - I went on Thanksgiving morning.

Reagan said...

That's aweseome! I am trying to picture the madness. I've heard that wal-mart in particular gets crraaazzzyyy with people pushing and grabbing. way to beat it!

Jessie said...

I did go by myself which was fine ( it is more fun in a group)-it worked out great because I only bought the things I needed ya know?I got in and got out, no waiting in lines and I didn't wander around and get a bunch of extra stuff I didn't need. Reagan and I had this conversation today. But also I was back home before 7 a.m.