Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to Joe

the birthday boy
my new hair cut

Alex, Daniella & Thomas
Heather, Todd & Francis

Happy Birthday to my wondeful husband who turned 26 today. We had a few
people over or dinner and birthday pie. Joe didn't want any one who came
to know it was his birthday-he called it a reverse surprise party :)
We had his favorite, biscuits n gravy, grits, over easy eggs and sweet tea.
(we sound like a southern family)
For dessert we had peanut butter Reeses ice cream pie and
chocolate mirange pie. Then we all played Trivial Pursuit :)
He loved all of it, including his hand colored puzzle from Benny and his
Andy McKee CD.
Love you Babe! I am so glad I can celebrate your birthday with you!
You are a wonderful gift to me.


Laurel said...

Happy Birthday, Joe!
I love the reverse-surprise idea.
Your hair looks great, Jessie!

Reagan said...

sounds like an awesome birthday evening! your hair is way shorter than i pictured you wanting it but it's very cute - i bet it feels great!

Jessie said...

It does feel nice- I originally was gonna keep it longer but I was sweating in the car with the AC right on me and decided something needed to happen :)

Ben & Kristi Graves said...

awww! :) i love the southern meal menu, too! we listen to andy mckee all the time, too. happy birthday joe! we miss you!