Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dairy Free Menu

I have been going dairy-free these days since we figured out Judah has a sensitivity to dairy. So, here is my dairy free menu this week:

Monday-Chicken Noodle Soup, french bread & salad
Tuesday- leftovers (food from the weekend)
Wednesday-5 ingredient soup, tortilla chips
Thursday- datenight!! pizza & corndogs 4 the boys
Friday-Chicken pad thai & oriental salad
Saturday-hamburgers, chips & baked beans
Sunday-Fellowship dinner-Manitoba Soup, salad & brownies (all dairy free!)
but my baby is worth all this dairy-free


Rachel said...

I need to make pad thai!

Cousin Emily said...

I am not on dairy free, but I'd eat the food on your menu any day of the week!!
Me also thinks we share similar food tastes! :)
Love you, keep going on strong!

Laurel said...

They are so worth it. Praying for you, though!
The menu looks fantastic. :-)