Thursday, April 19, 2007

Fun with Cousins

Garrison, Gabriel and Ben
Asher with Aunt Elizabeth and cousins
Asher and Keke
Garrison, Gabriel, Christian and Ben making their own fun in the pack and play

Last week Joe was on a business trip in Wichita so the boys and I had dinner at "cousins' house." Ben loves playing at Elizabeth and DJ's. After dinner we all just sat and watched the boys play it was a crazy time but everyone had fun. Ben always enjoys time spent with his cousins and he asks almost daily to, "go see cousins." It is such a blessing to have family live only a few block away.


dave & rachel said...

We enjoyed hanging out with all of you today!

Reagan said...

Jessie-jere actually found out that tofu is really bad for you because the soy beans aren't fermented which means apparently that there are lots of chemicals in tofu. It's not great tasting anyways!

Jessie said...

Thanks Rachel it was a fun day

I didn't know tofu was bad-I'm glad I've never tried it-good to know Reagan thanks

HopiQ said...

What cute pics! I've often lamented our children's lack of cousins!

Please let Elizabeth know I'm thinking of her and her family. My mom (Barb) is, too.

Anonymous said...
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Ben Graves said...

Hey we loved reading about your family fishing weekend! =D You guys are sooo cute! =D Hope you are doing well and enjoying life! God bless!

Ben & Kristi