Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New Family Member???

Meet Sprinkles, Sparkels, and Dorothy.
Ben has been asking us for weeks if he could have pets so like all good parents we caved. This last Saturday Joe took the boys for a doughnut drive ( my sleep in day:) and then to WalMart where he bought Benny three goldfish, he is such a fun dad. And yes, Benny named them all by himself. But sadly Dorothy only made it till Monday afternoon and we found her floating on the rocks dead :( Ben still has not noticed so Joe plans to get a new Dorothy-they only cost 25 cents.
But overall they are very good pets and Ben loves feeding them everyday. Maybe someday we will upgrade to a dog, and not name it Dorothy.


dave & rachel said...

Good choice for a first pet!

Reagan said...

LOL - Dorothy. I wonder where he got those names? :) That's so fun though...I had fish in highschool and loved watching them.

Eryn said...

hmmm, only 25 cents? maybe my kids can finally have a pet too!

meesh said...

Who gets to clean the fish bowl? I think my kids will have to be old enough to do that before we get pets! =)