Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Daddy, the Hero!

Yesterday I took the boys on a walk and we went to the park on 6th and Garfield it is called Willow Park right across the street from the hospital. The boys weer enjoying the merri-go-round and we see a stray dog walking around the park. The boys started asking to pet it and I told them we don't pet dogs that don't have owners because they could bite.
The boys kept playing and I kept watching the dog. It looked like it had left the park so I was encouraging the boys to play on another piece of equipment like the swings or another tire swing. They were very happy to stay where they were and it turned out to be the safest for us as well. The dog came back and came right up about 3 feet from the merri-go-round and started lunging and barking at us. So I got on the merri-go-round and gave us a big push so we would go fast (I figured the dog couldn't jump on if we were going fast). While we were spinning I grabbed my phone and thought, do I call Joe or 911?

I called Joe because I knew he was close to home. He was at 6th and Kansas and got to the park in 2 min :) On the way he called animal control. Joe came to the merri-go-round with a big piece of metal something in his hand which he waved at he dog (he debated getting his gun out of the trunk but thought against it). The dog saw him coming and tried to circle around him and was continuing to bark. So Joe got on the meri-go-round with us and we waited for animal control to show up (they were not quite as fast as Joe was). They came and tried to get him but he ran across 6th and they lost him.
My heart was racing the whole time, I was so glad to see Joe coming like a knight in shining armor. Joe made the comment that if he had to he would have killed the dog, and he told me that he had no doubt that if the dog had tried to hurt the boys I would have killed it as well. I agreed what mom wouldn't defend her children? But all in all it was a pretty interesting day.


Reagan said...

That's crazy Jessie!! How did you keep the merry go round going fast enough? Did it lunge at you when you pushed with your foot? That would be so scary! Were the boys afraid? I think I would be worried about keeping it going fast enough and keeping the boys on at the same time!

I wonder if I have seen the dog since we live in that area. There are dogs that sometimes come onto our driveway and around the back yard. Jere always chases them off if he can.

Rachel said...

Wow, that's scary! Glad you guys are okay.

Laurel said...

Glad you're safe, and yay for SuperJoe!

Jessie said...

I would push when I was farthest away from him. He didn't run around it just stayed in one spot barking and such. No, the boys were not scared at all. I told them daddy was going to come and take care of the dog. I might emphasize that they have just recently started playing on a merri-go-round, so they loved it especially Ben-going fast!
The dog was brown with black mixed in on its back and its tail was cut like a dobermans'

MagenRanae said...

Way to go, Joe!