Friday, January 30, 2009

On the farm with Poppy

Asher wanted to be held by Poppy all day :)

Pushing snow

The boys had a lot of fun on our trip to Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois. My dad had a great time spending time with the boys and sharing his "toys" with them. Asher had a sweet attraction to my dad, he kept asking for my dad to hold him all day. I loved watching him cuddle up to dad and talk to him-he is getting so big but still a sweetie.
So beside it being super cold the boys were able to play outside and enjoy some "Poppy time."


The Botmas said...

how fun. i bet your dad loved every minute.

Encouragemant From Above said...

I love the fact that Asher loved Poppy and wanted him to hold him all the time. My boys were like that with
Dad. They loved to ride the truck with Grandpa or jump on the bed with Grandpa or when they were older drive Grandpa's pick-up on little used country roads. Enjoy now. It makes such good memories for them.

Anonymous said...

I love your pictures and the way Asher wants Poppy the hold him all the time. It makes such nice memories. My boys were like that with my dad. They still remember Grandpa teaching them to drive his pick-up. Good times