Friday, January 23, 2009

Some new quotes

Benny to daddy, "Do you know what my favorite pop is? Soda pop."
"Well, what is your favorite flavor?" asked daddy
"Umm Beef scents." Smiles Benny.
"Beef scent? " asked daddy.
"Yeah, Beef scents. That's a kind of pop."says Ben
"Great." says daddy chuckling.

Ben and Asher have been playing Prince Caspian all week. Ben is Peter and Asher is Edmund. They have been playing swords and fighting the white witch and other bad guys all week. When two days ago Ben tells me he needs two sisters. One to be Lucy and one to be Susan, so they can all play Prince Caspian. But Asher chimes in and says he only needs one sister, to which Ben begins to argue for two. And so goes the fight one, two, one, two. I look at Joe and say, well I guess we need three sisters ;) So I tell Ben he needs to pray and ask God for this particular wish.
(I thought it was funnier than Joe did)


Rachel said...

I think they need a sister too! (But that is just so that our kiddos will be inseparable FOREVER! :)

I forgot to tell you, when we took Asher to Target, he kept saying, "Simon, you are Peter, and I AM EDMUND! Let's fight the white witch!" and they would take their straws out of their icees and sword fight with them. It was so cute.

meesh said...

Rachel would go for a few girl cousins! =)

Janice said...

Hey there, cousin! Didn't know you were out in the blogging world too - glad to see you here! Love the quotes from the kids and their playing of Prince Caspian.

The Botmas said...

you should be able to view the cambria video now... i had it on provate on accident.
heart grant

MagenRanae said...

Fun! Maybe we'll join Benny in his prayers for this one!