Monday, May 11, 2009

I think it's funny

I went to Kansas Citytoday to pick up a Black and Blue Travel System (stroller, carseat and base) off Craigslist, after much search and skeptisism from Joe. I had shown it to Joe he said it looked nice and I was happy with the price.
The stroller has hardly any wear, it is very clean, very light and maneuvers extremely well. But to my surprise when the gentlemen pulled it out of the garage to put in my car it was not blue and black it is purple and black. I almost laughed out loud in his face.
So here is my dilemma, do I keep this System? Do I try to resell it?
Would you put your son in a black and purple car seat and stroller?
Do I say it is a K-State Travel System?
Joe does not really care at all mostly he says I can't have another because all this searching has been such a hassle. And he has not said weither or not he would care if boy #3 could use a black purple car seat.
But to be honest I think it is really funny. When I told Joe about it I could hardly keep from peeing because I just think it is so funny that it is purple. Because, this has been such a big ordeal to find, ask about and go get-says Joe. So all in all, I think=funny.


The Botmas said...

hahahhaah...i think it's funny too. maybe you should adjust the color on your computer screen, or was it the dudes camera? you could get a car seat cover-
they have cute ones, not sure the price though. as far as the stroller??? maybe sell it and get the snap n' go. easy, works great, and cheap!

Laurel said...

Unless it's pastel purple, I wouldn't think anything of putting a boy in it, especially with black. Purple's the color of royalty, you know!

Jessie said...

Laurel, my sister said that too, but she has one girl.
Joe says he does not care. He has no problem with little man #3 in a purple and black car seat. But I have been looking on Etsy at some car seat covers, but will probably just go with purple :) Thanks for the ideas ladies :)

Kim Ferguson said...

What's wrong with purple? You could play the Kansas State card, or add some gold and make it Vikings!!! HAHAHA

Love ya!

TAB said...

I know exactly which travel system you're talking about and I would put my son in it. I think it could easily go either/or and, yes, much to my dismay, you could play the K-State card. ;-) If you're really worried about it looking too girly use a VERY blue blanket-I'm sure you have lots of those floating around!
Congrats on the coming baby!

luaphacim said...

Oh fight, you K-State Wildcats, for alma mater fight (FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!), glory in the combat for the purple and the white....


Jenna M said...

The car seat we had was black, purple and grey...kind of a plaid pattern. I didn't think it was bad for a baby boy. Ben didn't either, and believe me, if he thought it was girly, he wouldn't use it!