Thursday, August 6, 2009

Feeling Crafty

Just a shot of the crib bedding
one of 7 blankets
cape-flame side

cape-lightning bolt
Asher's cape

I just recently learned how to use a sewing machine and I have been enjoying this new outlet. Thanks to Alex for letting me borrow her sewing machine for a while. So far to date I have made 7 baby blankets for friends and cousins, 6 burp cloths, 2 bibs sorta-Eunice did most of it and I just recently finished two capes for the boys.
The boys wanted flame capes :) so they have guitar flames on one side with their initial and then another initial on the plain side with a little "sign. " Benny got a lightning bolt and Asher got a POW, Benny calls it a bomb with his initial (which I find extremely fitting for his personality) :)
Joe was the big hero and took the capes to a screen printer he works with and they put the initials and artwork on for free-the boys were so excited when they saw them.
On my upcoming list I am redoing a bookshelf with burlap, and making baby blankets for me, Ashlee, Allison, make a few pillows for my cousin's baby room and make two more capes for the boys. Hopefully my energy holds out before this little boy decides to come-sooner than later.


Rachel said...

love those capes! i totally need to do thst too!

Shawna said...

I agree the capes are fab! I wonder what age boys get into that kind of thing? I am assuming it will be soon around here b/c he is already doing the sword fighting thing! :)

Ben & Kristi Graves said...

so cute!! :)

bandanachick said...

Great job Jessie! I need to make one of those capes too, what a cute idea!