Friday, August 21, 2009

Waiting and waiting

This is serious!

Waiting on brother
We are just eating, sleeping, walking and waiting on baby brother.
I am getting a little anxious, the boys keep asking when he
is coming and I wish I could tell them. So I just have to
wait on the Lord's timing-I need to remind myself daily.


Laurel said...

Praying for you as you wait, Jessie!

Laurel said...

and you, too, Joe and boys!

bandanachick said...

Are you to your actual due date yet?
Praying it comes soon for you!

Jessie said...

Ruth, I am not due until Sept 4th but I don't want to wait that long :)
Thanks for the prayers.

Rachel said...

I am praying you go soon - it is so hard to wait, but it won't be long now! I can't wait to hear what color his hair is!!!!

The Botmas said...

come on baby!!!!!