Friday, October 9, 2009

Update-new pictures

tummy sleeper

his shirt says "Major Cutie"

Here are a few new pictures of Gideon. He is such a sweet baby he gets kissed all day long :)
He loves the Moby and falls asleep as soon as he gets in.
He has been sleeping 5-6 hours a night.
And he is loved deeply by his brothers, Benny even said he loves Gid more than Asher ;)
And Asher talks and kisses him every day-and sometimes calls him Giddy-so sweet!
So we are adjusting well and everyone is enjoying Mr. Gideon


MagenRanae said... the words of Asher: "Our baby is bigger than your baby!"

Rachel said...

That was hilarious! Who was he talking to? Simon?

Grant and Jodie said...

yeah! i have been thinking about you and wanting to see pics of that little man. so cute! looks like a different boy from the first pics i saw. glad you guys are all doing well. you are such a good mommy!