Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Home with baby

Sept 4, 2009
Gideon Lane - 8 lb 15 oz 22 inches

loving on brother

So we are adjusting pretty well with our new little addition. Gideon Lane Hawkinson was born Sept 4, 2009 at 7:53 a.m 8 lbs 15 oz and 22 inches long.
Gideon is a sweet baby we all love so much. The boys are adjusting and want to hold brother and love on him, Asher sometime a little more 'loving' than he should be.
Today Gideon is 11 days old and his favorite activity so far is eating :) all the time it seems, which is nice because the first week he had a hard time latching on to nurse. So mommy is happy to have a satisfied sleepy baby. Joe and I go back and worth between who he looks like more Ben or Asher. Right away at birth it was Asher, but on any given day he looks like Benny. Pretty soon he will just look like himself.
So now I am just trying to get back into the swing of things like laundry, dishes, sleeping and quality time with Ben and Asher. But overall we are doing good and I am enjoying lots of snuggles with my new boy.


Anonymous said...

Hi My Beautiful Sister...I miss youand hope to be able to come soon for a visit. Keep your fingers crossed and pray!Love the photos!! And I agree Gid did look like Ash Ash at first But now I do see more Benny. Love you!!!! TTYS Leah

Shawna said...

He definitely has his own look, not sure who I think he favors now! Does his hair have a hint of red? It looks like it might in those pictures!

My fave is the one of Benny holding him while he is crying - he is totally calm, cool and collected for his photo op. I love it!

Praying for you as you continue to adjust and settle in to this new normal.

Love ya!

Laurel said...

He is really adorable. Congrats to all of you! I was thrilled to hear about his arrival, and even more thrilled to see pictures. Praying for you!

Grant and Jodie said...

ok you just had a baby 11 days ago don't get cooking and cleaning too early. ha. love you praise God for your precious healthy boy.

Reagan said...

i love that last pic of his sweet sleeping face :)

MagenRanae said...

My favorite is the 4th picture - with his chin resting on his arm he he hasn't got a care in the world! :)

Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae said...

Congrats on your new little one! Enjoy those sweet baby smells and sighs!