Friday, August 15, 2008

Ezra Lee

Asher holding Ezra

All stretched out

We took dinner to Jeff and Ashlee last night and got to spend a little time with sweet little Ezra. He is so sweet and tiny. While I was holding him Asher asked to hold him, he didn't seem very excited but when Ezra had to have a diaper change Asher was a little upset that he was not holding the baby.
Ashlee looks AMAZING! Joe said she does not look like she just had a baby, and I completely agree. And she told me she weighs less now than before she got pregnant. Can you hear a little bit of jealousy in my voice? Or maybe that is hope, or wishful thinking on my part. :) I am very happy for her. And I guess from what Ashlee says that he eats and sleeps well-what a blessing!
It was so nice to hold a little new baby, Joe told me I couldn't hold him too long-Baby Fever ya know ;)

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dave & rachel said...

He is about the sweetest thing ever. How fun that Asher got to hold him! We are headed over today - I've been missing him!