Thursday, August 28, 2008

Heavenly Deals

Chair #1

a little ouchy here

chair #2

a little unraveling here

I drove by Big Lot's today and on a whim I turned in. I was looking for a umbrella pot/tin for my childrens sticks that are all over the porch and I found these beauties. I was so excited because I have been praying and checking Craigs List for two white wicker chairs for the front porch. I saw these chairs and chair #1 had a big red sticker on it that said, $10.50!!! Seriously I started shaking I was so excited. Chair #2 had no tag but I saw the unraveling on the leg and I was hoping they would give me a deal. Oh, and Thomasina was my cashier which I thought was pretty fun. So, chair#2 rang up for $17.50! My heart was racing and my hands were shaking I was so excited and I still am because both the chairs were originally $70. Isn't the Lord so good??!!!


Reagan said...

That is so amazing! If you want you can borrow my tiny glue gun to stop those unraveling spots...That should be easy to fix. They look awesome! I'm on the lookout too for your stick-tin so let me know when you find one :)

Rachel said...

Yay! that is an awesome deal! And remember Nester did a post about fixing those spots that are unraveling. It's no big deal at all!

I'm so excited for you, Jessie!

MagenRanae said...

:) I meant to test them out when I was there on Thursday! Too bad.

I'll be on the look out for the umbrella/stick holder too. Keep us posted.

Ben & Kristi Graves said...

woo hoo! think it'll be too cold to sit and visit on them when we come at christmas?! =) they look great!