Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Perfect Peace

Peace, perfect Peace, in this dark world of sin? The blood of Jesus whispers peace within.

Peace, perfect Peace, by thronging duties presses. To do the will of Jesus this is rest.

Peace, perfect Peace, with sorrow surging round? On Jesus' bosom naught but calm is found.

Peace, perfect Peace, with loved ones far away? In Jesus' keeping we are safe and they.

Peace, perfect Peace, our future all unknown? Jesus we know, and He is on the throne.

I have found myself singing this song a lot today. Probably because Peace is not how my day or house is feeling. Lots of crying, meltdowns and discipline are going on here.
I love the third verse of this Hymn. "On Jesus' bosom naught but calm is found." It is reassuring to know that in the Lord calm can be found even in the most chaotic of days and tantrums of children.


Shawna said...

Such a good song, I love hymns!

I have been praying for you today. Keep up the good work, you are doing great!

Reagan said...

I'm sorry you're having a troubled day. Good thing you can sing through it :)

Jessie said...

Thanks ladies. Joe took the boys to the park and told me to go shopping by myself :) So I went to Hobby Lobby and wandered for 45 min and then went to Michael's and then ran into WalMart and back home to a beautiful clean house and sweet sleeping children.
The Lord is good-and so is my husband.

Shawna said...

ahh....sweet husband! Aren't they gifts from the Lord?

I hope you rewarded him handsomely. ;)

Ben & Kristi Graves said...

thank you for this uplifting post, jessie. i needed to read that today. :) love you! glad you got some time to yourself after your crazy day, what a sweet hubby indeed.

MagenRanae said...

Yay for you honey providing for you! You're a good mommy to those boys, ma'am. Micah and I regularly talk about how we want our kids to be as well behaved as yours are! So, I totally second Shawna's "keep up the good work!"

Anonymous said...

I loved reading your blog. That was my theme song when my boys were toddlers. I sang them to sleep with it and it calmed ME down. I felt the same about the song as what you expressed.
Ruth Bloom